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Lara Haworth is a writer, visual artist and filmmaker. 

Her debut novel, Monumenta, will be published by Canongate in July 2024.

Her literary work is represented by Jo Bell at Bell Lomax Moreton.

She is a recipient of a Bridport Prize 2022 for her story, Monumenta, adapted from her novel of the same name.

Her films use a mixture of still images and home video footage, often underscored by a voiceover that merges fact with fiction, creating associative, dreamlike and sometimes ironic meditations on the realities of the world in which we live. 

Her visual work enacts participatory installations that ask audiences to re-imagine or reinterpret their lived environments.

All of her projects have a fascination with everyday, civic and bureaucratic rituals, and with the secrets, failures and joys of public places, institutions and ideas.

She lives in London, UK.

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